Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's been awhile...

I've really slacked off, haven't I?!

Life's been busy, what can I say? ;-)

It's obviously not news anymore, since I'm pretty sure that anyone who reads my blog is also one of my Facebook friends, but Josh and I got married in March. :-D

For a long time, the plan had been for me to eventually move to Arizona. Last fall, for a number of reasons, we starting thinking about Josh coming here instead. Not the least of these reasons was the poor economy and lack of jobs in the U.S. Ultimately, we made the decision for him to come here, for us to get married (which would have happened either way), and for him to apply for Permanent Residency. He arrived on a bitterly cold and miserable day in early March, and we got married on March 21 in a very small and private ceremony. :-)

So now we're wading through the joy [/sarcasm] of the immigration process. Actually, things are going pretty well, but I'll be so relieved when it's all finalized. Josh has adjusted amazingly well to our weather (even this unseasonably cold and miserable spring) and our little town. I'm very proud of him. :-)

Work for me has been busy, and is getting busier. We're moving to a whole new system, which is going to involve a lot of changes and training for all the library staff in our region. I was asked to be a part of the training team, and to develop a computer literacy module, so I've got extra on my plate for awhile. I'm enjoying it though (so far, but we haven't really gotten into it full force yet!), and the extra pay is nice as well. ;-)

Kids are all good... life in general is good... newly-married life is great. ;-)


Alan said...

That's so cool. I'm incredibly happy for you! (I can't wait to see how great newly-married life is firsthand.) :D

Empress KT said...

I'm happy for you. :)

(This is Kathy; I changed my blog name.)

Slicer said...

Late congratulations #9!!